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Feel fantastic! not just good

Our Guarantee & Quality One Assurance
    •    100% toxin free, live-source, quantum-state, beyond organic nutrition
    •    Absolutely no commonly used harmful additives
    •    100% solvent-free, pure Vcaps, No Tablets and Gel caps    
    •    QRA™ 4-polarity & photoluminescent tested for best quality & effectiveness 
    •    Violite™ containers to protect nutrients from sunlight damage 
    •    Maximum potency & effectiveness -100% naturally, No synthetic & isolated vitamins  
    •    100% Whole Nutrient that contains all the essential synergists, co-factors and transporters needed to metabolize the nutrients efficiently for best performance.

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 Frustrated with nutritional products that work poorly and often not at all?

Finally a new paradigm in nutritional science is available --- ultra-pure, clinically tested quantum nutrient products with the unique capacity to induce quantum cellular resonance (i.e., the cell's highest bio-electromagnetic energy state) --- all 100% excipient-free.

The Quantum Nutrient Effect

When quantum state quality nutrients (exquisitely well grown, free of toxic tag alongs) are combined together, their effect is far greater than the sum of their individual nutrient benefits: The Quantum Nutrient Effect.

Ideal Cellular Resonance

The human cell has a crystalline matrix, which means it has an ideal resonant frequency. Only nutrients from "once living" sources can sustain or restore the ideal resonant frequency of your body's cells.

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Sunlife Organics is licensed to distribute nutritional products manufactured by Premier Research Labs, Austin, TX.


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